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We like to keep things as straightforward as we can, and offer a simple and transparent fee structure with no hidden costs.


Our prices are as follows:


Copywriting - £30 per hour


Photography - £30 per hour + VAT*


Proofreading: From £7 per 1,000 words


Leaflet design: £30 per hour


Website design: £50 for a one page website, £25 for each additional page (not including text, photography or web hosting).


Mileage – No charge within a radius of 15 miles from Hexham, 40p per mile thereafter.


We like to build up lasting relationships with our clients, and can therefore sometimes offer reduced rates for certain services as we get to know you and your business better.


Our Terms and Conditions are fairly no-nonsense too:


Once you are happy that you wish to work with us, we will agree a set fee for your project, based on the prices shown above. This will include two drafts of the job, taking into account your own amendments. Should the nature or volume of the work you require alter significantly once the project has begun, we will quote for the extra work before proceeding further.


Payment is due within 28 days of the date of invoice.


We are signatories to the Better Payment Practice Code. Where payment is not received within 5 working days of the due date shown on the invoice, we reserve the right to charge interest. This will be applied in line with the DTi 'Better Payment Practice' guidelines of 8% plus the prevailing Bank of England reference rate. Under the terms of the guidelines and associated legislation, a compensation payment may also be due.


Where payment is not received within 60 working days of the due date shown on the invoice, the invoice will be subjected to legal action and recovery proceedings. But we hope it will never come to that.


In hiring us to work with you, you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions.


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Fees and T&Cs