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Ammonite Press

The Client

Ammonite Press is a small specialist publisher ‘dedicated to photography as an art, a science and a powerful medium for social history’.


The Brief

To write commissioned books on specific models of camera, as well as titles detailing different photography and printing techniques, and to illustrate them comprehensively with photographs. David has so far written and illustrated 20 titles for Ammonite.



Ammonite Press

Over the last few years, I have had the great pleasure of commissioning David to write more than a dozen books in our Expanded Guides series [as well as] half a dozen titles in our photographic techniques series, including Digital Black & White Photography, Understanding HDR Photography and Night & Low Light Photography – informative books that demonstrate his versatility and creativity. David is thoroughly professional and meticulous in his approach to his writing – and the sumptuous images he shoots to illustrate his books – and he writes in an engaging style that, while approachable, is also authoritative. David is a rarity: an excellent writer and outstanding photographer rolled into one.


Richard Wiles

Managing Editor, Ammonite Press