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Halsgrove Publishing

The Client

Halsgrove Publishing produce coffee table books featuring Britain’s regions, cities and villages, illustrated with full-colour photography.


The Brief

To produce original photography, and provide captions, for Northumberland Illuminated, as well as four others featuring Northern Ireland.


The Northern Ireland books, in particular, presented a complex challenge and involved much preparation, both in advance of the photography and after it had been completed. We needed to:


• Decide which places to feature in the books, and research them thoroughly before we arrived;


• Organise complex travel and accommodation arrangements (the Northern Ireland books required two trips of three weeks each);


• Contact people in charge of the sites to be photographed, including negotiating for access to places which are not normally open to the public;


• Undertake further research into the history and background of the sites featured, once the photography was completed, in order to provide interesting and informative captions to accompany the images.



Halsgrove Publishing

It’s been a pleasure. Thanks for being so easy to work with!


Andy Stansfield

Editor, Northumberland Illuminated