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The Client

Hands-on-Latin was founded by Catherine Jarvis, to provide Latin and modern languages tuition, combined with guided tours of the Roman sites along Hadrian’s Wall, and other sites of historic interest in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.


The Brief

Catherine approached us in the course of setting up her business, and asked us to help her with her website and publicity.


In close consultation with Catherine, and drawing on her comprehensive written notes, we were able to:


• Produce publicity material in the form of a six page leaflet, for circulation by local tourism organisations;


• Circulate press releases to the regional press, which resulted in a substantial feature article in the Hexham Courant;


• Design and build her new website from scratch. We wrote the copy, and then illustrated the website with photography from our own picture library, augmenting this with bespoke location photography.




I cannot praise David and Tania enough for their professional but friendly approach; their supreme attention to detail; their thorough efficiency and clarity of communication. I have dealt with David and Tania in a variety of ways and have always been impressed with their clear and friendly way of dealing with me and the creation of my business Hands-on-Latin.


David’s photos are wonderful to behold and his knowledge of technology knows no bounds. Tania’s skill with words is a delight. They have played an important role in my life to date and I know that I will be indebted to them forever. They are a marvel.


With their superb support I have been able to build a guiding and teaching business on Hadrian’s Wall. David was very happy to come and take photos of me while I was guiding. David and Tania have built a superb website for me – all done by e-mail. They have been able to read my mind in what I have wanted to create for Hands-on-Latin. I value their thought, friendship, professionalism, reliability and business insight. Please do use Word & Photos if you can – you will not regret it!


Catherine Jarvis

Owner, Hands-on-Latin